proto giving a short speech about fear.  I love the idea that, since he’s the youngest and hippest, he focuses more on what people fear now than the archaic fears that the other two pitchs specialize in (which is completely from miss ask-pitch’s-wardrobe because she’s a genius).  I guess he’s talking to pitch idk


“I work smart. Not hard.”  Proto corrected, and his cellophane smile curled against his cheek, weighted at the edges.

“But what about the nightmares? If we don’t get a handle on each person’s fear then-”

“Why bother?”  He said.  Even when interrupting, his voice was gentle, light-hearted. “They see danger everywhere. You just have to highlight it for them. Play up on the base they’ve already built. They’re such selfish creatures, as I’m sure you know - they see the world only in how it relates to them. And we,” he let out a little chuckle, “are no longer the sole providers of fear. You don’t have to send them down dark alleyways anymore, that’s all in their head! They see a car crash on television – their heart clenches. They hear about an abduction, they’re calling up their families, friends, someone to be that voice on the other side of the line telling them it didn’t happen to them. ‘I’m safe. I’m safe this time.’

And they drudge along with that dread on their backs, with barium voices in in their heads whispering smoke. They laminate pill bottles with skull and cross bones but still fill their carts without enough of the stuff to turn their kitchen cabinets into hypochondriacs.

Reality isn’t scary to them anymore. Reality isn’t even reality. Headlines are reality. They’re seeing the world with a news reel speeding by at the bottom of their eyes and you’re still stuck using plain old nightmares? Hah! Trust me, they’re much more afraid of what happens during the day than anything that could happen under the shade of Manny’s little moon beams. They can reason events that happen at night.

'Suburban home searched– twenty dead bodies found; neighbors claim they had no clue who they'd been living next to all this time'.

Now that –  that they can’t reason.”

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